1. GyFTR PAY: These points can be used in full amount only at GyFTR. GyFTR Pay are also marketing/ loyalty points that can be used without any conditions. These are received by the customer as a vouchers & are then added as points in the GyFTR wallet. Validity for GyFTR Pay: 1 year Example for GyFTR Pay: User has Rs. 1000 as GyFTR Pay: You can buy Brand voucher worth Rs. 1,000 using GYFTR Pay points. 2. GyFTR Points/ GyFTR Promotional Points: GyFTR Points are Loyalty points that have conditions, cannot be used in one go. Validity for GyFTR Points: One Day, Expires at 12:00 Mid Night. Example For GyFTR Points: User has Rs. 1,000 GyFTR Points/ GyFTR Promotional points. He/ She can buy brand voucher worth Rs. 1,000 using (25% or 50%) points. The calculation will be: For E commerce: Customer wants to purchase voucher worth 1,000 & has Promotional points Rs. 500. The calculation will be 1000 * 25%= 250 (250 will be deducted from the promotional wallet and rest will be paid via GyFTR Pay or normal payu transaction). For others: 1000* 50%= 500 (500 will be deducted from promotional wallet & rest will be paid via GyFTR Pay or normal payu transaction). Please note: If the promotional wallet amount is less than the Promotional discount applied, it will automatically pick the lesser value. For example: If the discount is 1000* 25%= 250, and the wallet has only 100 points, the discount will show INR100 in discount.
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